ICBC claims

The ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) provides universal auto insurance to B.C. drivers. Vehicles that are registered in B.C. must be covered by ICBC’s basic insurance package—Autoplan. Autoplan, in theory, covers:

  • Third-party legal liability
  • Under-insured motorist protection
  • Accident benefits
  • Hit-and-run protection
  • Inverse liability
  • There are times, unfortunately, when ICBC settlements do not cover everything. Worse still, the process to getting to your settlement can be frustrating and flat-out annoying. While Surrey ICBC claims lawyers will represent you in court if necessary, their primary goal is to reach a fair settlement for you. It is vital that you contact a lawyer as soon after your accident as possible to have their expertise working for you.

    Several factors will influence the settlement that ICBC offers you, mainly the damage done to your vehicle, medical evidence, and the testimony of other witnesses. Without the barrier of a lawyer, ICBC adjusters will continuously call you for information to settle your case early. While they may seem friendly, they are also collecting information from you. They may also be contacting witnesses unbeknownst to you, your doctor or even your boss for instance. If your vehicle has less than significant damage, ICBC may deny your claim and inform you your file is being closed.

    A competent ICBC claims lawyer will:

    • Ensure the best medical evidence supports your injuries.
    • Speak to those who know you to understand how your accident has impacted your life.
    • Find, locate, and interview as many witnesses to your accident as possible.
    • Prevent ICBC from constantly calling you.
    • Protect your privacy and personal information, including your medical records.
    • Make sure you get necessary treatment, medical attention, and assessments.

    Your primary concern during this time should be your recovery, not worrying about if ICBC is accessing medical or employment information irrelevant to your claim. Hiring an ICBC claims lawyer in Surrey, B.C. guarantees that someone is going to ensure the treatment you need is taken care of, even if that means having to file suit. The last thing you need is to be stuck at the end of a long queue for the tests and therapy you need. An ICBC claims lawyer in Surrey can alleviate wait times that could be months or even years long.

    If your accident is serious enough that you no longer have the ability to work or can only work part-time, a lawyer will explain to you your options. They will work with you to receive income replacement and help you apply for sickness or even disability benefits.

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